Mrs. McHenry
Benton Area School Library
Library Staff:
Librarian-  Mrs. McHenry~
Library Aide: Mrs. Michelle Moser

It is our goal to welcome, support, and
encourage all students and staff in the endeavor of lifelong learning.

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About the Library
  •  The Benton Library program offers students and staff the opportunity to use and borrow a collection of materials for reading pleasure and information. The Library/Media Curriculum, which is mandated by the state, teaches information management skills including the proper use of the Library.
  • Each class in the elementary school and seventh grade has a regularly scheduled library period on a weekly basis. This includes a lesson period, sharing literature, and opportunity for book exchange. Students may come to the library, with teacher permission, any day from 7:45 AM to 2:45 PM.
  • Students in grades seven through twelve have the opportunity to to visit the library during their regularly scheduled study hall or AP period or other designated times during the cycle as necessary. Students visiting the library during study halls must have study material or AR materials to occupy them. Students must obtain a pass from their teacher/study hall monitor or librarian to come to the library.
  • The rules of the library are simple and easy to follow. They are based on two principles: (1) consideration for others and (2) necessary habits for a lifetime of library use.
Borrowing Books:
  • Students in grades kindergarten and first may borrow one library material at a time.
  • Students in grades two through twelve may borrow up to three library materials at a time.
  • Special arrangements for more, as needed, can be made with the librarian.
  • Although the elementary library does not have specific due dates, students cannot get new materials out until the old materials are returned.
  • High School students may borrow materials for a period of two weeks.
  • Library materials may be renewed at any time to extend that period, provided another patron does not have the material on hold.
  • Each student should have a special and safe place in school and at home to keep books when they are not being read. Please help to arrange this.
  • Individual students are responsible for all materials borrowed under their name until they are returned to the library.
  • Overdue reminders will be sent home once per quarter around report card time.
  • Any materials lost or damaged must be paid for at a price based on the replacement cost before any new materials can be taken out.
  • The librarian will, if necessary, limit borrowing privileges for those children who do not follow the rules or for those with lost or damaged materials.
  • When families move from the district, all books must be returned. This is a responsibility which will be enforced by contact with the new school district.
  • Each child is responsible for book selection, proper sign-out and checking books for damages before taking them from the library.
Parents, please read and discuss these rules with your children. Together, find an appropriate and safe place for each child to keep library books. Help your child to develop good library habits and a love for reading that will develop into a lifetime appreciation of books. Family use of, and respect for, reading materials will do more to help a child succeed than anything else.