Attendance Information for In-Person and Cyber

Attendance Information for In-Person and Cyber Instruction
Posted on 10/30/2020

For in person instruction, when a student is not in school when the morning daily attendance is taken, it is marked as an unlawful absence in the attendance system automatically.  The absence stays that way until the student (or doctor's office) either brings in, faxes, or emails an excuse to the school.  Then the attendance secretary codes the absence as either an excused, unexcused absence, or medical absence.  

For cyber instruction, attendance is based on completed work. Students are expected to login and complete work each school day. If a student has not completed work for a single school day, the student can be marked as having an unlawful absence, unless an excuse is sent to the office.  

If a student knows that they are going to miss school for a family trip, a trip request form must be turned into the office before the student leaves for the trip or it will be marked as an unlawful absence.  If a student knows they are going to miss school for another reason, it is always helpful to send a note in early as well, or at the minimum a call to the office.

This is the process that the school has followed for many years and the way that most schools track attendance.  It is not a cause for alarm if a student has an unlawful absence. It really just tells you that no excuse has been turned in for that absence.  

Excuses can be emailed, faxed, or a note turned into Cathy Hartman ( at the middle-senior high school and Deb Popp ( at the elementary school. 

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